A tool for building World of Warcraft guild emblems using node-canvas.
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The Guild-Emblem-Generator is a tool written in Node.js to convert emblem and guild objects obtained via the Battle.net API into actual images. You can convert the object into a buffer or a Canvas.


You can use the emblem generator a few different ways. As of 1.2.0, the helper classes have been exported as part of the module in case you wish to expand on the basic methods that are exported by default.

For examples on how to use the base module, take a look in the examples folder where we have a file for each of the exported methods.

SaveEmblemToFile options

The options for the saveEmblemToFile() method are the same options available to the fs.writeFile() method that is present in node by default. For more information, please see the node.js documentation on the method.